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What We Do


The CQCO monitors and reports publicly on cancer system performance in Ontario, and through the use of international expertise and advice, makes recommendations for targeted quality improvement to the minister of Health and Long-Term Care via Cancer Care Ontario’s Board of Directors.

The CQCO conducts its work through the delivery of four annual activities:

  • The Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI) that measures cancer system performance across Ontario
  • The Quality and Innovation Awards that recognizes and promotes front line quality improvement and innovation across the province.
  • The annual Signature Event that addresses system-wide gaps and identifies areas of opportunity for tangible action to improve the quality of health services delivery within the Ontario context
  • The Programmatic Review that reviews program progress, analyses effectiveness and makes recommendations for future strategic direction.
CQCO Mission-Tools-Outcomes Flowchart

Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI)

Released annually since 2005, the Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI) is an interactive web-based public reporting tool that tracks Ontario’s progress towards better outcomes in cancer care and highlights where cancer service providers can advance the quality and performance of care. The CSQI serves as a valuable system-wide monitor that allows us to observe the system, from prevention through to survivorship and end-of-life care. The interactive site allows one to view the performance of Ontario’s system from the quality perspective, from the regional perspective, from the patient pathway perspective and from each specific type of cancer. In addition, the CQCO has embedded international comparisons into the analysis to compare Ontario’s performance. For more information, go directly to

Signature Events

The annual CQCO Signature Event, hosted since 2003, identifies a topic to address a quality gap and help us to better understand quality issues and challenges relating to the topic for the purpose of producing tangible solutions. Typically, there is a specific output achieved from every Signature event.

The events are action-oriented, and bring together international and national experts, along with clinical practice leaders, policy makers, providers, patient and family representatives and decision-makers to learn from best practice jurisdictions and work together to solve pressing quality challenges for Ontario’s cancer system.

These events are action-oriented and identify areas of opportunity and tangible actions to improve the quality of health services delivery within the Ontario context. A comprehensive synthesis paper outlining the proceedings and policy recommendations for addressing the challenge follow each event.

Quality and Innovation Awards

The annual competition, held first in 2006, the Quality and Innovation Awards, which encourage and recognize significant contributions to quality or innovation are aimed at enhancing and improving the delivery of cancer care across the province of Ontario. The Awards are sponsored by the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario, Cancer Care Ontario and the Canadian Cancer Society – Ontario Division.

Programmatic Review

The Cancer Quality Council of Ontario examines and reports on selected aspects of quality of cancer care or a specific program at Cancer Care Ontario. The Programmatic Review brings international experts to Ontario to share their best practices and review progress, analyze effectiveness being made by either an existing cancer system program or informing an emerging CCO program. The result of the Programmatic Review is a set of recommendations on the strategic directions and improvements that the CCO program should undertake.