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Programmatic Reviews


The Programmatic Review brings Quality Council members, Cancer Care Ontario's Executive Team, senior staff and Ontario clinical leads together with international experts to review an existing or emerging cancer system program, analyze its effectiveness and make recommendations to Cancer Care Ontario on strategic directions and improvements.

Our Programmatic Reviews can be formative (informing an emerging program) or summative (reviewing an existing program).

2017: Models of Care

Find out more about the Models of Care event

2016: Diagnostic Phase for Cancer

Find out more about the Diagnostic Phase for Cancer event

2015: Drug Funding Sustainability

Find out more about the Drug Funding Sustainability event

2014:  Ontario Cancer Plan IV

Find out more about the Ontario Cancer Plan IV event

2013:  Patient and Family Experience

Find out more about the Patient and Family Experience event

2012:  Palliative Care

Find out more about the Palliative Care event

2010:  Disease Pathway Management

Find out more about the Disease Pathway Management event