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Award Recipients 2018




Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: The Interprofessional Malignant Bowel Management Program

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has significantly reduced the length of stay for gynecologic cancer patients with malignant bowel obstruction (MBO) by transitioning to a model of care where people with the condition, or at risk of it, are managed as outpatients by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses.

The Interprofessional Malignant Bowel Management Program was introduced at the Centre to identify people with or at risk of MBO, a common complication in women with gynecologic cancers that can lead to serious illness or, in severe cases, death. The program triages patients according to their diagnosis or risk level, and then manages their care using a standardized approach.

As part of the program, clinical guidelines were created to ensure standardized care for patients both in the hospital and at home, as well as treatment algorithms for patients at risk of developing MBO. In addition, multidisciplinary case conferences helped to ensure treatment consistency between healthcare teams. Resources for patients were also developed to help manage their symptoms.

Team Members: Stephanie Lheureux, Amit Oza, Yeh Chen Lee, Nazlin Jivraj, Terri Stuart-McEwan, Catherine O’Brien, Tanya Chawla, Eran Shlomovitz, Jenny Lau, Stephane Laframboise, Sarah E. Ferguson, Jennifer Croke, Johane P. Allard, Preeti Dhar, Valerie Bowering, Katherine Karakasis, Pamela Savage, Lisa Tinker, Sarah Buchanan, Pamela Ng, Neesha Dhani, Marcus Butler

Video to showcase Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s initiative

Regional Cancer Care Northwest: Standardizing Telemedicine Visits to Ensure Access to Quality Initiatives and Services

Regional Cancer Care Northwest is improving quality of care for cancer patients through an assessment tool to standardize telemedicine visits in the region.

The standardized assessment tool was piloted at Riverside Health Care in Fort Frances, working in collaboration between each local hospital site and the regional cancer centre. The program arranges for patients to complete the assessment using the standardized tool just prior to virtually meeting with their nurse in the host site in Thunder Bay. The complete assessment is then shared with the specialist prior to each telemedicine visit.

The information shared with the specialist includes the patient’s vitals, height and weight and Best Possible Medication History (BPMH), as well as quality and service indicators such as smoking status, nursing notes and results from Your Symptoms Matter survey, a standardized symptom management survey.

Team Members: David McConnell, Karen Roberts, Susie Hamilton, Heather Neilson-Clayton, Jeannie Faubert, Glenna Morand, Andrea Docherty, Trina Diner

Video to showcase Regional Cancer Care Northwest’s initiative


Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program: Suspicion of Cancer Diagnostic Assessment Program

The Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program has created an innovative new cancer diagnostic program.

The Suspicion of Cancer Diagnostic Assessment Program was developed to detect cancer in its earliest stages. The program encourages primary care and emergency department physicians to refer patients with a suspected cancer to a specialized clinic to be further assessed. The clinic rules out cancer or makes a diagnosis, and patients who are diagnosed are then referred to the appropriate surgeon or oncologist at the cancer centre.

The program was created to reduce the high number of patients who were being inappropriately referred to the cancer centre without a confirmed diagnosis. As an outpatient clinic, the clinic reduces the amount of hospital admissions and resources spent on incorrect referrals.

Team Members: Dr. Jim Shaver, Dr. Mukta Krishnan, Krista Tuck, Desiree Scriver

Video to showcase Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program’s initiative

Honourable Mention


Erie St. Clair Cancer Program: CANSWERS CENTRE LIVE!

The Erie St. Clair Cancer Program at Windsor Regional Hospital is transforming the way informational and emotional support is provided to patients.

CANSWERS CENTRE LIVE! is an interactive, live webcast that streams monthly through the hospital’s Facebook page. Each webcast covers new topics and features different guests, typically a patient to share the lived experience and an expert from the cancer centre to provide advice.

The webcast creates a community where patients, survivors and family members discuss, learn and create connections with others who share similar experiences.

Team Members: Allison Johnson

Video to showcase Erie St. Clair Cancer Program’s initiative