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Award Recipients 2008


Quality Awards

RO Wait Time Reduction Strategy
Windsor Regional Cancer Centre - Jeffrey Richer

In leading the Radiation Oncology Wait Time Reduction Strategy at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, Jeffrey Richer facilitated mentorships of all members within the radiation program; leading to what the QI Review Committee readily agreed was a remarkable demonstration of rapid increase in quality.

Jeff articulated a vision that would encompass a program-wide assessment and change strategy for radiation treatment delivery that would align with the strategic vision of the program, corporation, region and province. His advocacy, championing, and leadership of the program lead to the significant achievement of taking the referral and treatment radiation wait times parameters from lowest in the province to top quartile overall in only six months.

Rapid Response Radiotherapy Program (RRRP)
Odette Cancer Centre - Edward Chow, Cyril Danjoux, May Tsao, Toni Barnes, Arjun Sahgal, Gunita Mitera, Emily Sinclair, Cathy Doyle, Ernest Dixon, Michelle Ross, Grace Chan, Matina Floros

The goal of the Rapid Response Radiotherapy Program at the Odette Cancer Centre is to provide rapid access to palliative radiotherapy for patients with symptomatic metastatic cancer. To meet this challenge, the rapid response radiotherapy program was formed and the referral process was reorganized to minimize the number of clinic visits.

As a result, palliative radiotherapy can now be provided within one week of referral, which well exceeds the target of two weeks from referral to consultation and another two weeks from consultation to treatment. When appropriate, consultation, treatment planning and initiation of treatment can even occur on the same day.

The QI Review Committee agreed this was an impressive team effort and echoed another reviewer’s comments that having the ability to see and treat patients quickly will have a great impact in helping very ill patients with cancer symptoms.

Innovation Awards

Esheet – A Computer Application Designed to Improve Order Communication and Patient Care In An Ambulatory Oncology Setting
Odette Cancer Centre - Jackie Achonu, Che Armstrong, Greta Castillo, Matthew Cheung, Veena Desa, Maggie Down, Gail Elliott, Anne Garland, Melba Johnson, Kevin Imrie, Holly Krol, Deana Leicht, Bob Mackenzie, Sam Marafioti, Yvette Matyas, Christine Mohan, Gena Piliotis, Dawn Russell, Muhammad Saeed, Tino Sessa, Lena Temelkovski, Oliver Tsai, Donnaleen Vlossak, Geetha Yogendran

Odette's innovative eSheet replaces a paper-based clinician order communication form. Although an order is only one piece of paper, once an order is generated it may need to be available to as many as 14 people simultaneously. Approximately 200,000 paper order forms are created each year, each containing an average of 10 orders.

The complexity of the paper flow was such that many additional processes and workarounds were in place to ensure that all patient care orders were received and acted upon by the appropriate people.

To resolve this, Odette’s team developed an innovative, user-friendly, efficient web-based solution that addresses the unique needs of an ambulatory cancer centre. This application now allows for the simultaneous access to clinical orders. The review committee found this to be a truly innovative and amazing piece of work.

Canada's First Portable Radiation Treatment Unit
Royal Victoria Hospital, Simcoe-Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre: Garth Matheson, Janice Skot, Tracey Keighley-Clarke, Juhu Kamra, RVH Corporate/Clinical/Support Teams, Harvey Emberley Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Odette Cancer Centre: Linda Rabeneck, Shun Wong, Yvette Matyas, Sheila Robson, Peter O’Brien, Stuart Burnett, Donna Lewis, Kathy Mah, Bruce Gillies, Ned Veletic, Harry Easton Cancer Care Ontario: Michael Sherar, Lisa Favell, Elham Roushani, Pamela Spencer, CCO Capital Project Office

In January 1998, Cancer Care Ontario recommended that a cancer centre be developed at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, and while this initiative continues to move forward, a full service cancer centre will not be realized until 2012.

In the meantime, the lack of radiation treatment has been a significant void for the region, marked by low utilization rates and poor access to care. For example, without local access to radiation services, more than 1,200 patients must travel for radiation treatment annually. The psychological and social cost of this can negatively affect the patient’s outcome. Many people who could not accept the burden of travel choose to not receive this possible life saving treatment.

To address these pressures, a unique and innovative proposal was developed by the Royal Victoria Hospital in collaboration with Cancer Care Ontario and the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: The installation of Canada’s first temporary radiation bunker. With its launch on April 1, 2008, this portable radiation treatment unit brought radiation therapy to North Simcoe Muskoka in 40 short weeks, a full four years in advance of the opening of the cancer centre.

One of the very few portable radiation treatment units in the world, it was described by the review committee as a true innovation in radiation treatment delivery in Canada.